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Sep 16

Advice for New Rockoff Rutgers Apartments Residents

We’re talking about the often-overlooked things to consider when moving into your Rockoff Rutgers Apartments.

The team at Rockoff Hall Rutgers apartments knows that a lot of our residents are moving into an apartment for the first time. We do everything possible to make sure students have an incredible experience living in their New Brunswick apartments. We make a point to host events every month so our residents can meet each other and form a better community, and we also provide tips and suggestions on our weekly blog. These posts cover everything from where to watch Scarlet Knights games to how to cook delicious meals in your new apartment. This week, we’re doing something different in light of the fact that many of our residents have just moved in. We want to talk about some of the most important things to consider when making purchases for your new apartment. These are the things that no one thinks about but will affect your life every day if you’re not careful.  


First of all, resist the urge to buy everything right away. Having spent 18 years living with your parents, your perception of what is essential and what is non-essential is probably a little skewed. Just remember, your parents have been buying things for years and years. They didn’t accumulate all those pots, pans and appliances on the first day they moved into their house. You too will accumulate items over time.


Think of buying stuff for your apartments in stages. Stage 1 happens right away. You buy the essentials, the things you use everyday that make you feel comfortable and happy. Stage 2 will come later, after you’ve been living in your apartment for awhile. Stage 2 items are the things that you find yourself wishing you had, now that you’ve had some time to adjust to your new place. Maybe it’s an extra towel or two. Maybe it’s a food processor. Stage 2 items are whatever you find yourself wishing you had day in and day out. Stage 3 items are luxuries. Now that you have the essentials and the items that fill the spaces between the essentials, what else would you like? These are things like a bluetooth speaker, new posters for your wall or a beanbag chair. You can live without these things, but you don’t have to anymore.


These three stages will happen months apart. If you bought everything you’d ever want in your new apartment all at once you wouldn’t be able to spend money for the rest of the year, so pacing your spending is very important when moving into a new place.


When you are buying items for your new apartment, it’s important to know when to buy for quality and when to buy for affordability. If you’re going to use something for less than a year, it’s probably fine to opt for the cheaper option. If you’re going to buy something that you’d like to keep with you as you move from apartment to apartment and eventually away from school, you’re going to want to buy for quality.


Living with roommates is a big change and it can also affect your spending habits. Somebody has to buy trash bags when you run out. Just because you don’t want to spend the money doesn’t mean your roommate will automatically step up and buy them. Then you’ll both put it off and end up living without trash bags and nobody wants that. Establish a schedule of who will buy what essentials and when. Maybe you’ll take turns, maybe you’ll buy one month and your roommate will buy the next. Whatever schedule you establish, stick to it. There’s nothing worse for roommate relations than monetary disagreements.
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Sep 16

Rockoff Rutgers Apartments Presents Our Favorite Game Day Spots

Wings, nachos, Rutgers Football! Check out our list of the best spots to watch the Knights from Rockoff Rutgers Apartments.

Rockoff Hall is home to more passionate college football fans than any other New Brunswick apartments. For this reason, we like to inform our residents about the best places around town to catch the Scarlet Knights on Saturdays. We have the apartments for rent New Brunswick residents turn to for student housing needs. That’s why we’re qualified to provide you with this guide to watching Rutgers football in New Jersey. Obviously we would all love to go to every game, but there’s something to be said for the atmosphere in a college bar during a home game. Plus, the stadium food can’t compare with some of the appetizers we mention in the list below. No offense, HPS Stadium. We love your nachos too.


These bars and restaurants host the Official Rutgers Football Watch Parties and are all deemed worthy of recognition on the Scarlet Knights official athletic website. Next time you can’t find a ticket to the game come on down to any one of these establishments for an equally enjoyable experience rooting for your Scarlet Knights. From the whole team at Rockoff Rutgers apartments, Go Knights!


Moore’s Tavern & Sports Bar


Moore’s shows every game during the 11:00 and 2:00 time slots on Saturdays, but they give Scarlet Knight football rights to the big screen during Rutgers games. The restaurant portion of the establishment doles out big portions of bar food that will leave you satisfied. Moore’s actually has a pretty good selection of drinks and a well-reviewed lobster bisque, but this is really more of a wings kind of place. No matter what your tastes, Moore’s Tavern & Sports Bar is the perfect place to cheer on the Scarlet Knights this season.


Baker’s Water Street Bar & Grille


You’ll be watching the Scarlet Knights on the big screen TV at Baker’s, but you’ll be tempted to gaze out onto the water as well. This oceanside bar serves seafood appetizers like tuna bites and bbq shrimp to fuel your fandom as you cheer on Rutgers football. The waiters and waitresses are all in on the Scarlet Knights as well, donning football jerseys on game days. Check out Baker’s for a slightly different college bar experience next Saturday.  


Baker’s American Bar and Grill


Their motto is, “Eat. Drink. Be American” so that’s pretty incredible. Don’t worry though, Baker’s is good for more than just catchy slogans. Cold drinks, tons of TVs and big slices of pizza all help make Baker’s American Bar and Grill a top destination on Saturdays in the fall. Based on Yelp reviews, it would be a mistake to leave Baker’s without trying the loaded nachos with chili sauce. Baker’s is a favorite among college students and families alike, so have no fear bringing your parents here next time they’re in town.


Quaker’s Steak and Lube


You know Quaker’s for the cars hanging from the ceiling and general automotive garage vibe. What you probably didn’t know is that Quakers is an official partner of Rutgers football and celebrates gameday like they mean it. Come to Quakers for big, juicy wings and cold drinks on their outdoor patio. Of course, wings are good every day of the week, especially on Tuesdays when Quaker runs their all-you-can-eat special.


Cadillac Cantina

This Rutgers bar doubles as a wonderful little Mexican restaurant. As you can imagine, the nachos and tacos are out of this world. The atmosphere at Cadillac Cantina is a little more relaxed than the other spots on this list, so if you’re feeling a little groggy but don’t want to miss the Scarlet Knights in action, this is your place.

Sep 16

Rockoff Rutgers Apartments Has Your Guide to Fall in NJ

Hiking trails, family farms and lighthouses highlight our list of fall activities courtesy of Rockoff Rutgers Apartments.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to see the leaves changing colors outside Rockoff New Brunswick apartments. For those of us who have grown up in the Northeast, fall is instantly recognizable. The football jerseys come out from hibernation and the leaves crunch underneath our feet as we walk to class. Of course, there is an unmistakable chill in the air that foreshadows cold winters ahead. For now though, the weather is perfect for apple picking, pumpkin carving and all the other time time-honored fall traditions.   


The team at Rockoff Hall Rutgers apartments loves exploring New Jersey’s state parks in the fall to see the leaves change colors. Not all states get to experience the changing of the seasons, but we’re lucky enough to be able to see nature’s beauty on full display. Rockoff Hall has the apartments for rent New Brunswick students love to come home to, but it’s important to get out and see the rest of the Garden State as well. We’ll be bringing you a new blog post every week with even more activities to take advantage of in and around New Brunswick. Try to keep up!


High Point State Park


The land in High Point State Park was dedicated for public use in 1923. Interestingly, the park was professionally designed by The Olmsted Brothers of Boston, a prominent landscape architectural firm at the time.


The park is home to the Dryden Kuser Natural Swamp Area, which is the highest elevated swamp of its kind in the world at 1,500 ft above sea level. Visitors are welcome to pick up a self-guided trail booklet before exploring the trails around the swamp. There are also swamp-free hiking trails that offer panoramic views of fall colors in the valley.


Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey


The Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey is part of an effort to generate financial support for the historic lighthouses that dot the Garden State’s coastline. On October 15th and 16th, lighthouse visitors can take advantage of open visiting hours at most of the state’s lighthouses and lighthouse museums. What better way to see the changing leaves than from the top of a lighthouse? That’s a New Jersey experience you won’t soon forget.


VonThun Farms


VonThun Farms is the unofficial New Jersey Fall Headquarters. Visitors can pick out their own apples and pumpkins daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at this family-owned central New Jersey farm. Of course, no fall is complete without a trip through the corn maze. VonThun has a corn maze that you and your date can get lost in every weekend from September 24th through October 31st. VonThun also hosts a farmers market with fresh baked pies, local honey, farm fresh eggs and apple cider available for purchase.


The South Jersey Pumpkin Show


The 13th annual South Jersey Pumpkin Show takes place on October 7th, 8th and 9th at the Salem County Fairgrounds. The pumpkin competition is the main attraction, obviously, but you can also check out a haunted barn, wine tasting opportunities, pony rides and more. The festival is impossibly cheap too. Just pay $5 for a parking pass that’s good for all three days.


Pumpkin Launching
Tranquility Farms in Allamuchy, NJ is really pushing the limits of how much fun you can have with pumpkins. Where else can you find pumpkin launchers and corn cannons purely for entertainment purposes? Pumpkin Launchers are $1.00 a shot or 6 shots for $5.00. Corn Cannons cost $3.00 for 5 shots. That’s just the beginning of the wacky activities at Tranquility Farms, so check out their website and start getting even more excited for fall.

Sep 16

Rockoff Rutgers Apartments Invites You to the NJ Film Festival

The NJ Film festival is finally back and Rockoff Hall Rutgers Apartments has all the details on this incredible local event

Rockoff Hall Rutgers Apartments is proud to announce The New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2016, featuring screenings of 35 independent films. As the apartments for rent New Brunswick students turn to for big events all year long, we’re very proud to be able to tell our residents about this 05awesome local festival. The categories include international films, American independent features, animation, experimental, short subjects and documentaries. Both film buffs and casual fans alike will find a screening that suits their tastes. This is a perfect opportunity to get out of your New Brunswick apartments and into the community for a night or two.


If you’re thinking about going to the festival, you’re going to want to clear out your schedule for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings between September 17th and October 28th.


22 of the 35 films will be premiering in New Jersey for the first time as part of the New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2016. That’s 22 opportunities to be part of a movie premiere! We can’t guarantee a red carpet but we can guarantee an experience like no other.


Below are some of the movies that will be featured as part of the festival:


On Opening Night, Nilay Dave’s film Gandhiji My Mentor will take center stage. The fictional film is about a character who trespasses into Gandhiji’s bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai, just to kill him.


Seymon Pinkhasov’s Out of the Box is about a contemporary artist who was born in the Soviet Union but now lives and creates his art in New Jersey.


Marcie Begleiter’s documentary Eva Hesse is about one of America’s most prolific postwar artists.


Randall Okita’s The Lockpicker is about a troubled, mysterious teenager.


Stephen Elliot’s After Adderall is an autobiographical film.


Jeff Schlags’s  A Wig and a Prayer – The Peaches Christ Story is about the famous drag queen Peaches Christ


Sevé Schelenz’s Peelers combines grindhouse, gore, zombie, dark comedy genres masterfully.


Emilia Zielonka’s Tenderness is a gripping psychological drama about a young couple.


Tamara and Thomas Balsamides’s  A Ticking Time Bomb is an informative and startling documentary about Lyme Disease.


Ludovico Di Martino’s Il Ultimo Nostro (Our Last) is a foreign comedy about two Italian brothers.


Marinah Janello’s You’re Just Projecting is a stunning experimental feature.


Amy Russo’s Racing The Sunrise is a sweet short film based on actual events.


Cara Consilvio’s short film CIT is about the summer adventures of two young girls.


Matt Riddle’s Five Minutes of Fun is a fun comedy short.


Hannah Leder’s Auto-Cowrecked is about the perils of predictive text.


These are just a few of the independent films that will be shown in September and October.


There will be over a dozen special guest appearances by the film directors, artists, actors, and scholars who support the New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2016. All the visiting directors will give a short introduction of their film and follow up with a Q&A session afterwards.

Jimmy John’s of New Brunswick will be providing free food at the New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2016 prior to all the screenings. If independent movies aren’t enough of a draw, surely free Jimmy John’s is.


There will also be two Free Film Screenings on October 14 and 28. Parking will be available in university lots close to the screening space, paid for by the festival.

The 35th Bi-annual New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2016 is presented by the Rutgers Film Co-op/New Jersey Media Arts Center, in association with the Rutgers University Program In Cinema Studies.


All the competition films selected were initially viewed by a group of New Jersey’s finest journalists, media professionals, academics and students. These part-time judges chose the 22 finalists whose movies will be shown publicly. The finalists were chosen from over 388 works submitted by domestic and international filmmakers.

Aug 16

Surprising Survey Results from Rockoff New Brunswick Apartments

Rockoff Hall New Brunswick apartments is here to tell you you’re not alone in worrying about your student loans.


We have the apartments Rutgers students prefer for their downtown housing needs. Living at Rockoff New Brunswick apartments means living close to campus and close to the action. Our apartments in New Brunswick are within walking distance of the Rutgers campus, bookstores, downtown restaurants and student nightlife. When you leave college, you’re going to be glad that you chose to live close to campus and close to the city. There is truly no replacement for the experience that Rockoff Hall residents enjoy during their college years. Waking up late doesn’t have to mean you’re going to miss class when you live a short distance away. You don’t have to spend money on lunch in between classes when your apartment is just blocks from your classes. There is no such thing as a long walk home from the library at the end of the night when you live at Rockoff Hall. We know you have enough on your plate in college without worrying about the commute to and from campus.


Your first couple years of college can be the most fun and exciting time of your life, but they can also be the most stressful. If you don’t manage your stress levels you can easily be distracted by thoughts of student loans, textbook prices and busy class schedules. You’re not alone though. recently released some statistics from their annual student survey and the results might make you feel better about your financial situation. The survey covers everything from political views to social media use and financial worries.


Have you ever wondered how many of your peers work part-time during the school year? How about what percentage of students are borrowing money to pay for their education? The answers to these questions and more can be found below. Check out the stats and then check us out on social media for more interesting tidbits about college life from Rockoff apartments near Rutgers.




  • 82 percent of students surveyed are concerned about loan repayment.
  • 63 percent of recent graduates carry student loan debt.
  • 56 percent of students at four-year institutions carry some form of student debt.
  • 66 percent of students work, either full- or part-time, during school.


  • A majority of 53 percent of students view themselves as either somewhat or extremely ‘politically active,’ while just 29 percent of those students describe themselves as ‘politically outspoken on social media.’
  • The upcoming presidential election makes 54% of students more interested in politics.
  • Students preferred Bernie Sanders by a three to one margin over any other major party candidate, a ratio that surges to 5:1 among Anglo students.
  • 13 percent of students support Donald Trump for president.
  • 12 percent of students support Hillary Clinton‘s candidacy, with the strongest support among graduated seniors (18%). The majority of all incoming sophomores (54%) support Bernie Sanders.

Technology and Social Media

  • The typical student spends 41 percent of their 168-hour (7 day) week on all their electronic devices combined.
  • 94 percent of students own a smartphone while only 89 percent own a laptop.
  • 36 percent of students say texting is their main smartphone use. Apps account for the second highest use (19 percent) while just 5 percent report using their smartphone primarily for phone calls.
  • E-Reader use is down 22 percent and, although tablet ownership climbed 15 percent, average use of tablets for education purposes decreased 31 percent.
  • Students use electronic devices for personal time 2.3 times more than they do for academic purposes.
  • About 33 percent of students say they spend between six and ten hours weekly on social media.
  • Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have increased their footprint among college-age account holders by double digits since the 2014 survey.

25 percent of freshmen are LinkedIn members, rising to 45 percent for seniors. Similarly, WhatsApp membership doubles between the freshman and final years of college.

Aug 16

Job Search Stats from Rockoff Hall New Brunswick Apartments

The team from Rockoff Hall New Brunswick apartments wants to see you succeed and we’re here to provide some job search advice.

As the most career-oriented apartments in New Brunswick, Rockoff Hall is here to help you land your dream job as soon as possible. College students have to work harder to get a job than our parents did 30 years ago. This is partly due to a bigger population. After all, more people means more competition. It’s also partly due to the fact that more people have college degrees than ever before so degrees don’t set candidates apart as much as they once did. As you probably know by now, employers are looking for entry level candidates to have years of experience, meaning internships are a must. Rockoff has the apartments Rutgers students choose for a close-to-campus experience, and that experience comes with benefits.


Living in an apartment near Rutgers comes with convenient access to the school’s University Career Services. Rutgers does a great job helping its students succeed after graduation by preparing them for job applications, interviews and resume preparation. There are a lot of great resources online at the University Career Services page located here.


The Atlanta Journal Constitution runs an informative blog for college students called Get Schooled. They recently published some findings from The Economic Policy Institute regarding their student survey on internships and their relation to post-grad jobs. The team at Rockoff Hall pulled some of the results together below so our residents can see how to set themselves up for success. Check out the results and follow Rockoff Hall New Brunswick apartments on social media for more professional tips all semester long.


Overall, an employer was far more likely to offer a job to a student prior to graduation if he or she had an internship or co-op — especially a paid position. The gap in offer rates between students with internship/co-op experience and those without such experience grew from 12.6 percent in 2011 to 20 percent in 2015 (56.5 percent versus 36.5 percent).


Paid internships/co-ops with private, for-profit companies yielded the highest offer rate (72.2 percent). In contrast, just 43.9 percent of students who had unpaid internships/co-ops with private, for-profit companies received offers.


The difference in offer rates between paid and unpaid positions is evident across employer types, including nonprofit (51.7 percent vs. 41.5 percent), state/local government (50.5 percent vs. 33.8 percent), and federal government sectors (61.9 percent vs. 50 percent).


There was also a similar pattern in regard to starting salary offers. Having had a paid internship/co-op with a private, for-profit company yielded the highest median offer at $53,521, while the median offer for students who took unpaid internships/co-ops with a private, for-profit company was $34,375.


The same held true across industry sectors—nonprofit ($41,876 vs. $31,443), state/local government ($42,693 vs. $32,969), and federal government sectors ($48,750 vs. $42,501)


Some of these results may be encouraging or discouraging depending on your level of experience in the professional world. Keep in mind though, that the job market is changing every year, and the class of 2016 graduated into the best job market in a decade. If you’re still feeling a little uneasy about filling out applications, be sure to check out the 60 Minute Job Search Boot Camp hosted by Rutgers on Thursday, September 8th.


Finding an internship is a daunting task, but your future self will thank you when employers come knocking on your door instead of the other way around. You’re going to have to get a job eventually, and getting an internship is a great way to figure out what you like and don’t like in an office environment. Best of luck out there!

Aug 16

Essential Eateries from Rockoff Hall Apartments near Rutgers

Students living in apartments near Rutgers need cheap food options, and we’re here with some of New Brunswick’s very best.

Apartments near Rutgers are filled with hungry students looking for the cheapest way to fill their rumbling stomachs. Rockoff Hall apartments in New Brunswick are here to help, with recommendations and rankings for the best restaurants in the area. We got some help from our friends at Thrillist who provided this list of the 14 Essential Restaurants in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  As the apartments Rutgers students turn to for their downtown housing needs, we’re proud to present our favorite eateries below.


Best burger: Tumulty’s

361 George St

$5 burgers are such a rarity in today’s day and age that you have to jump at the offer when you get the chance. That chance exists on Tuesdays at Tumulty’s. Throw on a t-shirt and jeans and head down to this university staple for some casual pub fare and cold brewskis. Their 10 oz. burgers will fill you up right and they even offer a build your own option for the picky eaters out there.

Best pizza: Skinny Vinnie’s

60 Sicard St

You’ve probably seen the sign outside Skinny Vinnie’s advertising the “Best Pizza in Town.” You won’t find any disagreements about that claim here. We’re partial to Skinny Vinnie’s because of their no nonsense approach to old school pizza. It’s greasy. It’s cheesy. It’s full of carbs and gluten and that’s what makes it taste so darn good.

Best place to take your parents: Old Man Rafferty’s

106 Albany St

This is the spot for when your parents come to visit on a Sunday and want to go out to brunch. Convince your parents to shell out $30 for the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet and clear out your schedule the rest of the day to make room for the impending food coma. Old Man Rafferty’s has an omelette station, lots of salads, sandwich and bagel fixings, shell fish, pastries, roles, carving stations and of course, lots of drinks. Show up after noon though because they don’t serve any alcohol before 12:00.


Best happy hour: Stuff Yer Face

49 Easton Ave

Stuff Yer Face has been luring students out of their New Brunswick apartments and into this friendly eatery for almost 40 years. Their famous happy hours have the lowest possible prices in the best possible setting. On the rare occasion when New Brunswick gets nice weather you can enjoy beers from around the world on the packed outdoor patio. The happy hour food isn’t half bad either with “Bolis” (stromboli) and “potachos” (nachos, but made with potatoes rather than tortilla chips) all offered at discount prices.

Best sushi: Sushi Room

12 Easton Ave

A newly renovated sushi spot with a bar? Count us in. Sushi Room looks like it would be pricey when you step in the door, but the prices are very reasonable for fresh sushi on a college campus. This is a great place to take a date since sushi contains some adventurous ingredients, plus you get to watch them use chopsticks!


Best ice cream: Thomas Sweet

12 Easton Ave

Whether you’re in the mood for candy-filled sundaes or a classic vanilla cone, Thomas Sweets has got what you crave. This New Brunswick staple also serves hand-crafted paninis and house-roasted coffee. Homegrown ingredients and original recipes set Thomas Sweets apart from the chain ice cream shops in the area.


The best “I live in fear of my bank account” option: The Olive Branch

37 Bartlett St

50-cent slices of pizza! $1 Beers! You’re going to feel like you jumped in a time machine and woke up in 1955 when you see the prices at The Olive Branch. Rutgers is lucky to have this place that offers cheap eats and entertainment in the form of skeeball and beer pong tournaments. Dig between your couch cushions and bring whatever you find to The Olive Branch for a beer and a pizza.

Aug 16

Snack Heaven Below Rockoff Apartments in New Brunswick

Rockoff Hall has the only apartments in New Brunswick that are right above a 24-hr 7-Eleven. This means that whenever hunger hits, you’re ready to hit back with a quick elevator ride downstairs. While living so close to snacks and drinks is incredibly convenient, grabbing a bag of chips from the store isn’t the healthiest of habits.


Living at any apartments near Rutgers means you’re constantly popping in and out, going to class or work or the gym. Sometimes the appeal of a quick snack at the convenience store is simply too much to resist.


However, the team at Rockoff Hall New Brunswick apartments is here with some astonishing news. You can actually eat healthy and even lose weight by picking up snacks at 7-Eleven. We know, you’re floored. It’s true though! With a little help from the folks at Total Beauty and celebrity dietician Ashley Koff, we’re here to tell you how to snack healthy. Be sure to follow us on social media for more healthy eating tips all semester long from the apartments Rutgers students know and love.



  1. Find a snack with a good balance of nutrients


Here’s the key to snacking that will help you lose weight: You need protein, carbs, healthy fats and fruits and vegetables every three hours. Eating every three hours sounds awesome right? Well there’s a catch: You have to eat the healthy stuff and avoid the processed fatty stuff. 7-Eleven have more of the latter than the former, but there are still some options floating around for you there. Dr. Koff’s recommended snack is a banana, a bag of nuts, a stick of string cheese and a bottle of water. See how that meal includes all of the aforementioned nutrients? Repeat this meal or a similar one every 3 hours for desired effects.


  1. Choose crackers instead of cookies


Crackers are a healthier snack than cookies, and peanut butter crackers are a healthier snack than cheesy crackers. These are just facts of life. The reason is that crackers don’t have all the sugar that cookies do, and sugar is pretty much your mortal enemy when it comes to losing or maintaining your weight. Peanut butter is also generally less processed than cheesy cracker spread.


  1. Choose Baked Kettle Chips instead of Pringles


Kettle is one of the only potato chip brands on the market that uses actual potatoes. Ideally the list of ingredients on the back of your potato chips should read nothing more than, “potatoes, salt and oil.” Obviously Jalapeno Cheddar flavoring is an amazing concept and should not be discounted, but you’re going to want to avoid flavoring while you’re trying to snack healthy.


  1. Greek Yogurt instead of regular yogurt.


When you think of protein sources, you probably think of nuts, chicken and eggs. Well Greek Yogurt is another protein source that should be on your radar. A single serving of Greek yogurt contains an impressive 14 grams of protein. Regular yogurt checks in with a measly 5 grams of protein and a lot more calories. Greek yogurt goes great with fruit and nuts as well, so get on the super trendy Greek yogurt bandwagon while there’s still room.


  1. Pick foods that take work to eat.


Have you ever spent 3 and ½ minutes trying to open a pistachio? You probably burned 100 calories in that time without ingesting a single one. If you’re trying to snack healthy pick foods like pistachios and string cheese that take a little bit of time to eat. The longer it takes you to eat something, the less you end up eating.01

Jul 16

LinkedIn Profile Tips from Rockoff Rutgers Apartments

If you want to get a job these days, you’d better have a rock solid LinkedIn profile. Lucky for you, you follow the blog at Rockoff Hall Rutgers apartments. You might be surprised to learn than LinkedIn has been around since 2002. The company didn’t file for an initial public offering until 2011, and ever since then LinkedIn has been the world’s premier networking and job seeking website for young professionals. We’re the student apartments Rutgers prefers and we love helping out our residents with timely advice as they progress through their undergraduate experience. Today’s blog is all about making sure your LinkedIn profile appears as professional as possible. We borrowed some tips from this article titled, The 9 Things Your Online Professional Profile Must Have. The team at Rockoff New Brunswick apartments prioritized the four most important things that your LinkedIn profile should have to get employers to take you seriously.

1. Include a professional photo.

According to LinkedIn data, profiles with photos get 9 times the connections at 36 times the messages as those without photos. You know those people on Facebook who don’t have profile pictures? Actually, you probably don’t because anyone who cares about their public appearance has taken the time to upload a profile picture on Facebook so their friends can find them. The same rule applies to your LinkedIn profile. People who don’t have profile photos are missing out on a great opportunity to make a first impression to hiring managers. Equally as important as having a photo is having a professional photo. Take the time to dress up a little bit and snap a picture with a plain colored background. Employers don’t expect you to have a professional headshot when you’re applying for entry level jobs but they do expect you to look like you know what you’re doing.

2. Incorporate the right keywords.

LinkedIn is great at connecting employers with relevant candidates. Before LinkedIn, employers had to post jobs and just hope the right people showed up. Now, employers and recruiters can actually go out and find the right type of people for their open position. When employers are searching for candidates on LinkedIn they use certain keywords that are relevant to the open position. You job as a prospective candidate is to identify those keywords and make sure to use them in your LinkedIn profile. You can figure out what the keywords are for your specific field by following the directions listed here.

3. Make your summary first-person

You may have seen a lot of LinkedIn profiles with summaries written in the third person. These summaries are often written by paid professionals who make their living writing summaries for important business people. Since you’re not an important business person quite yet you can stick for a first-person summary. You should sound like you know what you’re talking about by mentioning specific accomplishments and goals that you’ve achieved. Be sure to include lots of action words when you’re writing your summary as well. Your goal is to engage the reader to keep them on your profile, not bore them with facts and figures.

4. Include multimedia examples of your work

Imagine being a recruiter or human resources manager. You’ve been combing through LinkedIn profiles all day, your eyes are tired and you’ve seen the phrase, “goal-oriented” almost 1000 times in the last hour. All of a sudden, you come across a profile that includes a link to a vibrant multimedia project showcasing the candidate’s experience and skills. Wouldn’t you be a lot more likely to contact this candidate, if for no other reason than they stood out from the other candidates? Including links to videos, web projects or even a creative resume can be just the thing that helps you stand out to employers and get that first phone call.

Follow Rockoff apartments for rent New Brunswick on social media for more tips to get hired for your dream job!

Jul 16

How to Maximize Your Course Load from Rockoff Hall Rutgers Apartments

There are a lot of New Brunswick apartments to choose from, but Rockoff Hall is the academically-focused student apartment Rutgers knows and trusts. Today the Rockoff team is bringing you advice from Forbes on how to maximize your course load to best prepare yourself for post-grad life. We’re using talking points from a few different articles to give you the best shot at landing that dream job after you finish walking across the stage.

According to the Forbes article titled, “To Earn 100,000 Or More, Roam Outside Your College Major” the highest paying jobs are given to graduates who took more than 50% of their classes in fields unrelated to their majors. In fact, students who expand their academic repertoire beyond their major classes are 29% more likely to make more than $100,000 annually. These are the results of a study conducted by Richard Detweiler, president of the Great Lakes Colleges Association. Detweiler studied the career paths of over 1,000 college graduates across several decades, taking into account each person’s mix of classes and a number of other non-academic factors like interaction with professors outside of class time.

Detweiler speculated that students who enroll in classes outside their major develop an “ability to adapt to changing circumstances” which better prepares them for a professional job environment. Other survey findings indicate that students who take more than the minimum amount of classes before graduating make more money after graduating than those who take less classes and graduate early. The people in the study who graduated early were 13% less likely to make more than $100,000 than their later graduating peers. The main thing to take away from this survey is the more diverse your course load, the higher your chances of earning over $100,000 after graduating. Obviously annual salary is not the most important factor when determining personal success, but it will certainly help pay off your student loans.

So, what classes should you take to diversify that course load? The team at Rockoff Hall Rutgers apartments has some options for you based on Forbes recommendations. These classes are all meant to bolster your tech skills, which you can never have enough of these days.

1. Technology and Human Values

Liberal arts majors will appreciate this course for its philosophical look at how humans interact with technology. A course that examines technology’s impact on human society will help you understand some of the responsibilities that people in the technology industry take very seriously. Courses like this explore themes of privacy, security and liberty as they relate to humans and technology.

2. Introduction to Digital Media or Introduction to Electronic Media.

Today’s employers don’t want to waste time teaching new hires how to use certain software tools. The more familiar you are with programs like InDesign and Photoshop the more likely you are to get chosen over the competition. Introduction to Digital Media courses are also helpful when it comes time to design your own resume rather than using an online template.

3. Introduction to Web Design

At some point in the near future you’re going to wish you knew how to create a website. Introduction to Web Design will teach you some simple HTML coding so you can design a website for yourself without too much effort. If you’re already filling out job applications you might notice that a lot of employers ask for your website address. You’ll look a lot better to hiring managers if you can put a personal URL in that space instead of the URL to your LinkedIn profile.

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